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Struers: The best consumables for your process

Welcome to Struers – the world’s leading materialographic supplier.

If you want accuracy and efficiency across your entire materialographic process, Struers is the ideal choice. As the world’s leading materialographic supplier, we provide a full range of equipment, consumables, accessories and services, all designed to ensure that you get outstanding quality, reproducibility, speed, and usability – every time.

Why choose Struers?

  • Increase the reliability and accuracy of your results
  • Maximize your output per resource
  • Use less consumables and time per preparation
  • Introduce more efficient, standardized workflows
  • Create a safer environment for your operators

Did you know?
98% of Struers consumables are shipped within 48 hours

Discover new ways to improve your process

The world of materialographic analysis is constantly evolving. Operating with the latest methods and equipment can give your lab a cutting-edge. That is why we work constantly to improve our products, consumables, and services – so you benefit from the latest developments. We were the first company, for example, to develop a fully automated, end-to-end grinding and polishing machine to maximize reproducibility and efficiency in a high-throughput labs.

But even a small tweak in a process or product design can make a difference. Take our square bottles, for instance. Launched in 2022, our square bottles make changing consumables faster, reduce spillage, and maximize storage space – making them a simple way to increase efficiency in a busy lab. If you have not tried our square bottles yet, give them a try today.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

At Struers, we share our expertise and insights to ensure you always get the best possible process and results. Whether you want troubleshooting advice, are looking for new ways to optimize your workflows, or want to work with new materials, you can find what you need on our knowledge pages and YouTube channel.

Did you know?
Struers has over 500 proven methods, covering nearly every material type

It has never been easier

In this webshop, you can find a full range of high-quality Struers consumables, from cut-off wheels and mounting resins to grinding surfaces and lubricants.

  • Discover Struers high-quality consumables
  • See all relevant product details and prices
  • Order your consumables in just a few clicks