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Struers Data and Privacy Policy

1. Introduction and basic principles of conduct
Struers is committed to keeping all customer information secure and to handling this information in accordance with applicable rules and regulations in each of the countries in which Struers operates.

Struers does not collect any personal information from individuals without their consent and does not sell or disclose personal information to any third party. Struers may transfer and share such information within Struers’ world wide organisation, including our subsidiaries and partners that are all bound by this Struers Data and Privacy Policy. In some instances, we contract with outside parties to perform surveys, information gathering, updates or other business-related services that require the use of personal information. We seek to provide any such third parties with only the information they need to perform their specific function and we require them to safeguard your personal information in accordance with Struers Data and Privacy Policy.

Struers will only collect personal information about you (for example your name, address, telephone number or email) if you voluntarily choose to provide us with it and you agree to the terms stated in Struers Data and Privacy Policy. Information collection can, for example, take place when buying from our Webshop, registering for an event, answering a survey or when we provide you with access to our online services or offerings. Information collection may also take place via phone or at meetings and events.

2. Purpose of use
In order to provide our customers with the best possible products and services, Struers occasionally collects and updates relevant information about our customers and their businesses. When you provide us with personal information, we usually use it to respond to your inquiry, process your order or provide you with access to specific information or offerings. We may also use it to contact you directly if you have actively agreed to this (opt-in). We will only send you electronic mailings or direct marketing with your consent.

Struers uses the collected information to provide products and services to customers and to adapt our offerings to match our customers' needs. The information may also be used to contact our customers with newsletters, offers and greetings in accordance with the nature of our mutual business relationship. Our customers can choose, at any time, to sign out of receiving any mailings from Struers as well as have their information updated, changed or deleted.

3. What information does Struers collect?
In general, we collect information such as name, title, email, phone, company, address, post code as well as information about the nature and scope of the business of the customer. Struers may conduct surveys on an ongoing or temporary basis among our existing customers. The information is typically collected online (for example when you place an order in Struers Webshop), but may also be collected via direct email, phone or in connection with meetings and events.

Certain financial information is collected, which is relevant for accounting and invoicing. In certain cases, Struers may also collect information from third parties in order to assess for example (but not limited to) the creditworthiness of a customer.

Struers may use online tracking features such as cookies to collect information on customer visits to websites. The information collected will only be of a business relevant nature and will only be used by Struers.

4. Struers web security
Customer trust is of extreme importance to Struers. The Struers Webshop uses secure online transactions (https) which means that all network traffic in the entire Webshop environment is encrypted to protect your information. Credit card details are transferred directly to the payment authority via a secure connection and is not given to Struers or anyone else.

The access to other Struers online services, such as for example registration to events or login to online services other than Webshop, is protected with a login and password whenever personal information is involved.

5. Updates to the Struers Data and Privacy Policy
In order to always comply with rules and regulations and to be able to adjust its operating practices, Struers can update this Struers Data and Privacy Policy and the policy can be found on our website on the following link:

If you have questions or concerns about Struers’ use of your personal information, our Customer Service is available to help you. Please visit our website on the following link to find your local office: